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G.J., Mendocino County, CA, February 19, 2011
"I met with you in January of last year, 2010.  My last appointment (one of only two) was on January 15, 2010, I believe.  I don't expect you to remember me.  Mostly I was misty eyed as I was going through a very unexpected and difficult divorce.  I know that doesn't distinguish me very much.  I was referred by (Attorney) Kara Olhiser and (Attorney and Mediator) Trish Nugent.  I was and am extremely appreciative of all your work with me.  It continues to be the most helpful experience I had during my divorce, and I found all your advice very helpful.  I knew nothing at all about the financial world and you did a great deal to clue me in.  I hung on your every word.  It must have been laughable to you but to me, you saved me.

I was completely clueless about finances when I walked into your office and terrified by the prospect of having to try to manage on my own regardless of the amount of the settlement I ended up with.  By the time I had spent two brief sessions with you I felt so much calmer, so much more knowledgeable and so much more capable.  I knew I was facing something I could do.  I knew the world ahead of me was a place I could face alone.  It was the first time during the divorce process I had any confidence in myself.  I was not so fearful any more.  I still felt broken but I knew I could pick up the pieces and go on.  I cannot thank you enough.  I have thought of you many times since then with a grateful heart.  It's not that my settlement was overly generous or that this year has been easy, but you helped me see where each dollar had to go.  You gave me an anchor in that storm I was so lost in.  That's how I've survived.  You are an inspiration and a light in the darkness of divorce". 

S.V., Marin County, CA, February 21, 2011
"Jude was referred to us in a Collaborative divorce process by (Attorney and Mediator) Nancy Foster.  Divorce is an incredibly difficult process, calling on skills for those involved which might not be second nature.  My wife, for example, knew little about financial matters whereas I knew quite a bit by training.  Despite this wide gap in financial knowledge, Jude was able to work with both us at our respective levels of expertise.  She was able to clearly present the financial ramifications in a way that all participants would absorb.  She was able to also financially evaluate a wide range of different scenarios from both parties perspectives. 

Most of all I was impressed by Jude's level of customer service.  There were numerous times I would call after work expecting to leave a voicemail, but instead Jude would answer and answer my questions on the spot.  This even happened on weekends.  This is a level of service I did not expect but which I wholly appreciated.  In the few times she actually did not answer, she responded promptly the next day.  If you want to see a financial expert who can give you the time of day, consider Jude".

K.W., Sonoma County, CA, November 30, 2015
"I believe because you have been through divorce, and its aftermath, you completely realize the ramifications of it. The perspective this provides your clients is priceless."

J.M., Marin County, CA, December 16, 2015
"I truly can't thank you enough for your incredible wisdom and patience and compassion through this very challenging transition in my life. I feel so grateful to be able to feel more confident in my money-management going forward into this next chapter in my life."

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